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Chit-chat with investors & get their opinion about your idea. If investors like your business; all follow-up meetings will be free.

** Price starts from $49 / 180 Dh. Details are at the end of this page!

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Build direct connections with Investors


Get practical opinion about your idea


Arrange free follow up meetings


Raise investment if meetings goes great


Pls fill the form with your name, job role, email & WhatsApp number. You will be redirected to “Investors List” page.

We provide you enough detail about investors. Select an investor i.e. a best match to your business.

Price starts from $49 / 180 Dh for meeting one investor. Pay the respect fee to book a session with selected investor.

Tablon representative will contact you to book your meeting with investor on his next availability. This meeting will be scheduled within 5 working days after your purchase.

100% amount will be refunded if meeting could not be organized.

Have a chit chat with investors. Share your idea, product or service. Take their opinion. You can meet online or in-person. This meeting will be of 30mins but can go long depending upon investors’ interest.

If any investor likes your idea & want to discuss further, you can book all follow up meetings yourself. These follow up meetings will be free! In such cases don’t forget to take investor’s direct contact & permission to meet again. Tablon only arranges the initial meetings!


What is Investors Chat?

Investors Chat is an interesting & friendly way to build connections with investors & take their opinion. 

How do chat meetings work?

You can meet investors on 1-1 (Online / In-person) based Investors & yours availability. Tablon will take responsibility for arranging these meetings once the payment is done. 

Does it help in raising funds?

Yes! The primary purpose of these chats is to share your perspective & understand investors opinion about your business. If investors like your business, this can lead to investment as well.

Do I need to prepare for the meeting?

Not much! This is more like a friendly chat where both side come on common ground to share their opinions. But its always good to have your information ready with you.

Does Tablon get involved in the meeting?

No. Our job is to make it easy for Investors & Founders meet each other. We don’t broker the deal or get involved in any other way.

Are follow-up meetings free?

Yes! Once any investor & founder takes an interest in taking the process forward, Tablon doesn’t get involved further. And all follow-up meetings will be free of cost.

How do I get Investors' Contact?

While meeting the investors you can ask for their contact details. Tablon doesn’t have privileges to share such information.

Can Tablon share my pitch decks with Investors?

We are only facilitators for the 1-1 Chat meetings. Unfortunately we don’t mediate the process before or after the meeting.

Can I meet investors at my own after 1st meeting?

Yes. If you & investors find a common synergy, you can meet 1-1 again. 

If meeting doesn't take place, will I get refund?

Yes! Our job is to arrange your meeting with investors in 7 working days. If your requested investor is not available, we will refund your 100% amount.