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Finding Investors can be tough for many. Attend next networking dinner & Meet Investors on same table.

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Investors Dinner!


Helping you find & Shake Hand with Investors 🙂

Investors-Founders Networking is our key focus. Many Investors & Founders believe that best way to discuss investment is by shaking hands. It is a lot more effective than cold calling, emailing & knocking.


During late 2022; we came across a puzzle…

It was an engaging year with a lot of founders. And most of the founders we met had one big challenge.

“How to meet Investors”?

If you go find an investor yourself; it was a never ending ordeal.

Emails, InMails, Cold Calls, Knocking & so on. After months of your hard-work, a list gets ready. But from 1,000 potential investors, no meeting happens. Or expensive investment consultants sometimes: Not easy to afford. Or Investment brokers: Who would only hear you if deal size is $5M or more. Or if you are lucky you know someone whose friend knows couple of investors.

Overall, it was tough! Very tough.

Question then was: Shouldn’t be easy to just go & shake hand with investors? And then we came up with a plan.

“Investors Dinners” – Focused Networking Events for Connecting Investors & Founders.

Happy to share; in Nov 2023; it was a year on the mission. In last 12 events; 1000+ Founders, 300+ Investors & 30+ Business Advisors had participated. We are also happy to share that on average a founder had made 5-6 Investors Connections in each event.

Recently; we also launched;

“Investors Chat” – 30mins 1-1 gossip with Investors to take investors opinion. And it is liked by many founders too.

We are very thankful to all investors, founders, partners & sponsors to make it work.

We are on a mission to make “Meeting Investors” easier & more effective.

Wish you luck!

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Tablon Investors Networking Event
Tablon Investors Networking Event
Tablon Investors Networking Event
Tablon Investors Networking Event

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