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Finding Investors can be tough for many. Attend next networking dinner & Shake Hand with Investors.

**Exclusive for Investors & Founders only.

Investors Dinner!


Helping you find & Meet Investors in Dubai.

Finding Investors for founders is accomplished by in-person networking events called Investors Dinners. These Dinners take place on 1st Thursdays, each month in Dubai. Ideal for founders raising $2M or less.

Finding Investors for founders is our key focus. Many Investors & Founders believe that best way to discuss investment is by shaking hands. It is a lot more effective than cold calling, emailing & knocking.

We have done 10+ investors events while 100+ networking events in Dubai. Many founders rate us as best networking company across globe. Though we are focused in UAE at least for now. Many founders reviewed that when it comes to “meet” investors in UAE, Tablon is the top rated platform.

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Done several events for Investors, Govts & Businesses. Some of them are on YouTube.

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We need to understand names of 3 companies you have invested in. Ideal domain of investments & range of investment you can make per startup.

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Tablon B2B - Finding Investors in Dubai
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Tablon B2B - Finding Investors in Dubai
Tablon B2B - Finding Investors in Dubai

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