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B2B Network

With 100K+ friends in the community, Tablon is leading B2B Network of Dubai.


Tablon name was inspired by words “On Table”.

We never existed to become a network or a community. The concept came from an idea to connect businesses. And this journey actually started when some friends were discussing business on table. Later this concept grew & we formally started conducting networking events.

The following video is of the 1st networking event happened right after COVID. And since then the events kept evolving.

In last 2 years we have given these networking events; more meanings.

Farooq - CEO - Tablon B2B - Dubai

What Is

Tablon is B2B Networking company to connect Investors; Founders & Govts. We are specially focused to help founders meet investors.

We believe; both investors & founders should have more interactive way to discuss investments. Rather than sending emails, cold calls & knocking on doors they should meet in-person. And our job is to make it easy & effective.

Why We

Connect 2000 Founders with investors in 2023 by doing in-person networking events.

Making it easy & effective for Founders & Investors to connect in Dubai.

Becoming the most convenient Investors Centric Platform for the world!