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Ivan Kroshnyi


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Mr. Kroshnyi is an investor, entrepreneur, investment expert, business angel, and personal business mentor.

He launches & invests in green projects whose mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives. Since January 2021, he has been living and working in Dubai. In the span of 8 years, he started 26 companies jointly with his partners in 19 countries across the globe. He is active in all those companies & has been running them remotely. He is currently living and working in Dubai.

Mr. Kroshnyi has built an international group of companies that consists some of the below businesses: 1) Eco Way, the longest range delivery electric bikes 2) Roasters Specialty Coffee House, a Dubai-based coffee shop chain offering a franchise option 3) Flexible Investment Solutions 4) Gerchik & Co, a brokerage company 5) SharPay payment system 6)Magnify, a UAE consulting company. This year, he is also launching few more projects in healthcare.