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Meet Investors for 60mins! Ideal way to shake hand with investors & take their opinion about your business.

* Exclusive meetings for Founders & Business Owners only!

Michael Gale - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

Michael Gale


Meetings Completed: 11


Patrick Mensah (5 Star – I met an Amazing yet experienced investor with deep knowledge and understanding of diverse industries. A very welcoming gentleman who I can potentially call a mentor. Over all we had a great meeting I will termed a success)

Andrey Didenko (5Star – We talked quite deeply on the startup and what the investor wants to see and expects. And we agreed that he would pass my startup details to his analyst for the further review)

Abhishek Chatterjee (4Star – Good meeting. We will connect again & hopefully it will be fruitful.)

Christopher Lock (5 Star – It was very fruitful)

Ronnie Leyes (5 Star – Mr Gale is a seasoned business angel knowledgeable about the space our startup operates in. We spoke in detail about the team, technology, target market etc and Mr Gale and his analyst also raised questions on the competition and other key topics. Overall, this was a positive meeting, and I am hoping to continue this discussion with him.)

Chad Richardson (5 Star – Michael is very intelligent and is interested in entrepreneur’s ides.)

Mr. Gale has been integral to the successful globalization of many leading companies including Macromedia, HAHT, F5, Akamai and Apple.

He has been involved in over one hundred start-ups focused on how to accelerate their growth by leveraging international markets and partnerships.

He is an experienced entrepreneur and investment banker specializing in high growth companies with global ambitions. After spending much of his adult life in Silicon Valley with stints in Asia, Europe and the Middle East; he is now based in Abu Dhabi and spends considerable time in Australia and the UK.