Take Investors Opinion!

Meet Investors for 60mins! Ideal way to shake hand with investors & take their opinion about your business.

* Exclusive meetings for Founders & Business Owners only!

Peter Balint - Finding Investors - Tablon b2b

Peter Bálint


Meetings Completed: 3


Anna grazia Lecca  (5 Star – Very Downhearted listener. Investor of great caliber. Supportive with a sharp mindset.)

Shahran Bin Ahmed (5 Star – Just done with meeting it went well الحمد لله.) 

Mr. Balint is an investment professional with 20+ years of experience. He has invested into growing companies in various industries.
Having a well known investment profile; he sits on a board of private & listed companies. He also has made a good network among a wide range of VCs & Family Offices.